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80% Of African Women Said To Be Miracle-Conscious

The Agona Swedru branch Minister of the Resurrection Power New Generation Church, Pastor Ofosu Appiah has disclosed that about eighty percent of all women, particularly in Africa who attend Church do so because of miracles and wonders performed by some pastors.

Pastor Ofosu Appiah who made this revelation in an interview with this reporter hinted that this number of women normally jump from one prayer camp to another, giving room to unscrupulous self-styled men of God to take advantage of their quest for miracles and wonders, and dupe them.

He said in most cases, these fake, self-styled men of God sell various kind of anointing oil to these women at exorbitant prices under the guise of keeping them away from evil attacks, when applied.

Pastor Ofosu Appiah, was reacting to a recent media report where a self-styled man of God in South Africa ordered his congregation to chew green grass, under the pretext that it was a revelation from God.

In another instance, another pastor in the same country was said to have sprayed insect repellant into the eyes of members of his congregation in the name of delivering them from demonic attacks.

But Pastor Ofosu Appiah has described these acts as harmful practices and unacceptable in modern day society, and also with no basis.

He also hinted that these pastors even go to the extent of labeling family members of their congregation as witches and wizards, a situation be said often creates enmity in the family.

He expressed surprise how such negative practices have nowadays become a norm among some so-called pastors in Africa.

According to him, he sometimes feels embarrassed when he introduces himself as a pastor when he goes out, as people turn to have negative perception about pastors because of these practices.

From: Robert Ayanful-Ag. Swd.

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