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The Myth Surrounding Ban On Islam In Angola

False reports that Angola has become the first country in the world to ban Islam have re-emerged. Clare Spencer asks if this is linked to the US presidential election. “Muslims are super mad right now,” writes Frank Lea in Freedom Daily. “Angolan authorities to ban Islam, which they consider a cult, NOT a religion,” continues the website Liberty Is Viral. ...

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Why Airplane Windows Don’t Always Align With Your Seat


Have you ever had to crane your neck just to glimpse a sliver of skyline from the airplane window right next to your seat? It’s frustrating when your window seat offers more wall than window. Well, there’s a reason your airplane seat is woefully misaligned with the windows. And it has everything to do with the airline greed. Vlogger Simon ...

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Our love for the Black Stars is dead indeed


In the matter of love, be it platonic, romantic or sexual, one of the commonest and almost irreversible errors people commit, is when they turn to take their partners’ commitment, deep love and passion for granted. And before they know it, they lose a gem. Then they weep over heartbreaks begging for forgiveness. Sometimes you may be forgiven; other times ...

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Read: Africawatch Responds To Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo


We at Africawatch pride ourselves on being one of the most uncompromising, unbiased and truthful pan-African magazines, and it was in that spirit that we covered in our August issue the health status of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, the presidential candidate of Ghana’s main opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP). We felt it was a story of vital national and international ...

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Access to information can aid the work of parliament


The discourse around access to information has often focused on how it helps in the fight against corruption and in enhancing citizens’ capacity to exercise other rights. A lot has been said about how the lack of information impedes citizens’ ability to assess the decisions of their leaders, and even to make informed choices about the individuals they elect to ...

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Sperm And Its Health Benefits


Sperm may not be the first thing you want to talk about on a girls’ night out or at family dinner, but there’s science surrounding the baby batter that most of us have encountered a time or two before. We already know that sex is great for your physical and mental health. Sex past the age of 50 can even ...

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Ethiopian Airlines And Ghana Airways; A Tale of Two Airlines


The in-flight magazine of Ethiopian Airlines – Selamta – adorned the cover page of its Sept/Oct 2015 issue with a picture of the Group CEO Temolde Gebre Mariam and the U.S. president Barack Obama, during Obama’s three day visit to Ethiopia in July 2015. The backdrop of the picture (taken at the-state-of-the-art Addis Ababa’s Bole International Airport) sported an American ...

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My Buhari Moment


President Muhammadu Buhari called on Nigerians to give thanks to God and pray for the founding fathers as Nigeria celebrated her 56th Independence day anniversary. In his address to the nation in the morning, Buhari said today is a day of celebration for Nigeria as she achieved the most important of all human desires, freedom and independence, 56 years ago. ...

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Questioning The ‘Africa Rising’ Narrative


Ghana and the whole African continent must harness the potential of their home grown youth. Among growing dissatisfaction at the job market in the US, Europe or further afield, many young Ghanaians who were educated or even born abroad are returning to the country their parents left. In many ways Ghana is the gateway to Africa for many young black ...

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Keep Your Marriages Strong With These 10 Communication Strategies


When couples promise to love, honor, and cherish their spouses until death do us part they are making a commitment they hope will lead to a strong marriage. Most people want to be in relationships where they care about and are cared for by their spouse, where they intend to persevere through the inevitable ups and downs, and where they ...

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