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CILT-Ghana Congratulates President Nana Akufo-Addo

The  Chartered  Institute  of  Logistics  and  Transport  (CILT)  Ghana  has congratulated the President-elect of the Republic of Ghana, H. E. Nana Addo  Dankwa Akufo-Addo on his election to the highest office of the land.

In a press release signed and issued by Rev. G.D. Mensah, President of CILT, he indicated that as    the    leading     professional        body     associated       with     Supply      Chain,     Logistics     and Transport;  and  serving  the  interest  of  all  professionals  in  the  area  in  Ghana, it pledges  its fullest  support  to  President Akufo-Addo  and  his new  government  in  the  attainment of its policies and programmes for this country.

He however drew the President’s attention to some issues that CILT consider very important for the industry for which much attention must be given.

He said, “We  wish  to  draw  your  attention  to  some  of  the  issues  needing  urgent  government policy  directives  and  assure  you  that  the  Institute  will  make  available  its  expertise  in the supply chain, logistics and transport sectors to ensure the attainment of the vision of your government.”

“… Some  of  the  pressing  issues  the  Institute  is  convinced  your  Excellency’s  government must focus on are as under-mentioned:

  • Effective urban transport planning in major cities in Ghana including effective city planning and tackling vehicular congestion issues. We recognize that your program of “ one district one factory “ will to a large extent help curb the menace of rural urban migration which is one of the causes of the congestion in our cities.
  • establishment of a national airline or base carrier to support international trade and tourism development, promotion of non-traditional export of perishable fruits and vegetables and reviving the domestic aviation industry revamp inland water transportation for transportation of petroleum products, foodstuffs and safe transportation of persons and especially support growth of the eco-tourism industry.
  • revamp railway sector to help shift passenger and freight traffic (including petroleum products)  from the overstretched road infrastructure support to the electoral commission to help overcome electoral logistics and transport challenges during elections national elections invest in strengthening agricultural logistics in the areas of bulk storage,packaging, financing, etc  to reduce post-harvest losses and add value to agro products.”

CILT  Ghana  also  congratulated  the  outgoing  President,  John  Dramani Mahama,  on  his  positive  contributions  to  Ghana’s  economy,  democracy  and  the peace of the nation after what it described as “the tensely competitive elections.”

Rev. G.D. Mensah FCILT  also on behalf of CILT-Ghana  congratulated  the  Electoral  Commission  of  Ghana,   all

stakeholders and the good people of Ghana for successfully organizing and  managing  a peaceful  general elections not withstanding   some logistical and transport  challenges encountered before, during and after the elections for which the Institute will publish its research on the recent elections in due course for the information of  the general public.


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