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Ex Security Operatives Still Possess Surveillance Phones

 By: Prosper Agbenyega

…Security Experts Say It Is Large Scale Conspiracy Against Country’s Stability

There are serious doubts in the minds of people especially, security experts who are holding the view that the B.N.I. is not determined and committed to clap down on, and mitigate the infiltration of the former operatives into the current crop of operatives.

It is becoming a worry for the current National Security Minister, the BNI leadership and National Security Coordinator who are finding it difficult to retrieve the surveillance phones from ex-operatives who worked under the Mahama-led administration.

A close source at the National Security office hinted that the ex-security officers who are still in possession of the phones do intercepted conversations among current officers.

“You know during the exit of the Mahana government, these operatives who were working at the time were asked to leave post and hand over equipment in their possession. But unfortunately, majority of them left with their phones,” the source said.

However, speaking to Emmanuel Akpalu, a security expert in Aflao, he condemned the situation and said, “this is an indication of the kind of persons recruited into the BNI, National security, police etc. We cannot enlist thieves into national security operatives.”

“I think the BNI under Akufo Addo must do all it can to retrieve all these equipment. But if the B.N.I keeps silence over this and compromised on security issues, there will be a disaster. “ Emmanuel Akpalu said.

He said, Ghanaians don’t have proper understanding of perspectives of our security issues, adding that “we certainly would expect our security services; B.N.I, National security and police to be proactive more in order to dislodge these thieves who still claim to be national security operatives especially at Aflao border.”

According to him, the BNI, National Security and police are losing their potential as a law enforcement agency by blaming politician and also urged the B.N.I. to reach NPP party loyalist, who were vetted in their office to be enlisted into national security operatives to save situations.

He also wants the BNI to provide government with the report from the vetting to ensure that the situation of NDC guys flooding the service is ended.

He also alleged that, “Those who flaunted impunity like a medal of honour while engaging in robbery and ruthless human right abuses; these are the people our security agency like in Aflao here.”

He said, what is currently happening in the country is a large scale conspiracy against the stability of the country, and pointed out that there have also been conflicting and often contradictory accounts from different division of the security agency of theses allegations of national security operatives at Aflao. We think the president should look at those issues, and also look at other issues being raised

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