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Ga Chief Caught In Illegal Double Sale Of Land

… Connives With Elders To Steal, Sell Abossey Okai Lands

The Chief of Ga Akanmajen, Nii Ayikai III has been caught together with some land stealing syndicate operating within Accra whose modus operandi is to take over landed properties of individuals and families and cunningly selling them to other people.

This move is being staged by this syndicate to amass wealth whilst pushing people who legally acquired their properties into want and poverty, with majority of them being dispossessed off their properties.

The operations of the said syndicate were uncovered by the Quayenor family led by Naa Korkoi Dugbatey, Quenmother of Kwabenya who trooped to the palace of the Akanmajen Chief to warn him to desist from stealing and selling their family land.

Nii Ayikai III who was met upon arrival at the palace swiftly escaped into hiding when the people clad in red arm bands and head gears took their seats waiting for him.
For over the one hour that the people were there pouring out their grievances, the chief was nowhere to be found. But the group was reliably informed that Nii Ayikai III locked himself in one of the offices.

However, it has been established that, the land stealing syndicate which is being led by one Fred Adjei Brown, had sold portions of the Abossey Okai land after it had forged documents to a parcel of land belonging to Naa Korkoi Dugbatey.

According to information, Fred Adjei Brown and his accomplice David Nortey connived with the Chief of Akanmajen, Nii Ayikai to initiate a court action and succeeded with the forged documents they have, to get a default judgment against Nii Ayikai II who is also their close ally, but pretended as though he is against them, and go ahead to obtain a power of Attorney from the same Nii Ayikai III to demolish and take possession of the land.

However, records available at the Deeds Registry reveal an indenture number 556/1928 with ownership to the Quayenor family in the person of Joseph Tetteh Quayenor.

But, the said syndicate led by Fred Adjei Brown after securing power of Attorney from Nii Ayikai III, sold the said property to Mr. and Mrs. Quarshie, owners of Las Palms Restaurant, plotted the land in their name on October 3, 2012, with Nii Ayikai III as the grantor.

Meanwhile, from the records at the Lands Commission, the said land was sold even at the time the land was in the name of the Quayenor family.
After the first demolition, members of Joseph Quayenor family instituted a legal action against the Akanmajen Mantse, Nii Ayikai III and for two years that the case was in court, he failed to appear.

Speaking to Naa Korkoi Dugbatey, she revealed that, after she realized the dubious deal being pushed by Nii Ayikai and Fred Adjei Brown, she offered to buy back her property and hence paid an amount of GH¢80,000 to Nii Ayikai III.
“This was witnessed by the Gbese Mantse Nii Ayi Bonte and Nii Doodu Nsaki, Otublohum Mantse,’ she said.

However, not satisfied with what they have accrued from their illegal deals, members of the syndicate have stood up again, sent emissaries into another parcel of land belonging to the same Queenmother and situated at Abossey Okai, to measure and demarcate the land for sale.

This move aggravated members of the Quayenor family and Naa Korkoi Dugbatey who believe enough is enough, to amass at the Akanmajen palace in red exhibiting their displeasure at the manner in which Nii Ayikai III who is being respected for his position as a chief and a leader will allow himself to be used by young boys like Adjei Brown to foment illegality against his own people.

The Queenmother stressed the point that the land does not belong to Nii Ayikai III neither does it belong to Fred Adjei Brown, and hence warned them not to step foot on the land.

The emissary for the land stealing syndicate

The emissary for the land stealing syndicate





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