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Ghana’s Partnership Drive To Be Explored In Forthcoming OBG Report

The significant contribution that trading partners, including the UK, could make in helping Ghana to reach its infrastructure goals will be explored in a forthcoming report by the global publishing firm Oxford Business Group (OBG).

The Report: Ghana 2018  will highlight the country’s efforts to boost foreign investment and strengthen trade relations with key markets around the globe as part of a bid to stem slower growth. OBG’s report will also consider the part that international knowledge-transfer and collaboration could play in helping Ghana to build on the pro-business stance adopted by the new government under President Nana Akufo- Addo.

The UK Ghana Chamber of Commerce (UKGCC) has signed a first-time memorandum of understanding (MOU) with OBG. The chamber was set up in 2016 to facilitate and promote collaboration between businesses operating in the UK and Ghana. Under the MOU, the UKGCC will contribute to OBG’s research for The Report: Ghana 2018.

Adam Afriyie, UK Trade Envoy to Ghana, highlighted the west-African country’s advantages in an interview published in OBG’s most recent report on the economy. “There are great opportunities of UK investment in Ghana, which is an enormously rich country, not only in terms of the natural resources it possesses but in its people, who are very entrepreneurial,” he said.

Commenting after the MOU signing, Tony Burkson, CEO of the UKGCC, echoed Afriye’s comments. He added that with efforts to increase bilateral trade gaining pace, OBG’s report would be a welcome tool for business leaders looking to connect and tap new development opportunities.

“Ghana is currently the UK’s fifth-largest trade partner in sub-Saharan Africa, with trade between the two countries having now passed the £1.3bn mark,” he said. “Given Ghana’s current drive to strengthen collaborative ventures and partnerships, I’m confident that Oxford Business Group’s analysis will prove pivotal in assisting investors when they come to make their decisions.”

Shadeh Olivia Van Esch, OBG’s country director agreed that the global business community would be keen to learn more about the new government’s commitment to harnessing Ghana’s entrepreneurial spirit.

“As Ghana prepares to mark 60 years of independence, it faces several significant challenges. However, investors will be aware that its fundamentals remain strong,” she said. “With business development a priority for the government, we look forward to documenting the new openings and opportunities that are expected to follow.”

The Report: Ghana 2018 will be a vital guide to the many facets of the country, including its macroeconomics, infrastructure, banking and other sectoral developments. The publication will also contain contributions from leading representatives. It will be available in print and online.

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