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GOIL Marine Oil Tanks In Takoradi Port To Start Operation Next Year

The Managing Director of Ghana Oil also known as GOIL, Patrick Akorli has revealed that the construction of marine gas oil tanks at the Port of Takoradi is 95% complete and operations will commence early next year.

According to him, the facility when completed will be a top class facility and will bring a lot of vessel into port of Takoradi in a very safe environment.

“When we finish with this storage facility in Takoradi, a lot the vessel that are drilling oil in our waters will be buying fuel from us. As we speak now, we have a storage facility in Sekondi Takoradi, ENI is so in love with it. We have started bunkering tallow oil. Sankofa is also coming on board so with all these we are positioning ourselves to do big business over there and we believe that the time has come even for mines to recognized GOIL,” he said.

Speaking in an interview with Eye on Port, Mr. Akorli who recently won the CIMG man of the year 2015 said GOIL also has a bunkering facility at the Port of Tema and currently being rehabilitated.

When completed, he said the 3.5 ltr capacity facility in Tema port will bunker fishing vessels by November

“We want to make sure that the facility is in good shape so we are rehabilitating it so that job will be completed November this year,” he said.

Touching on GOIL’s rebranding strategy in May 2012 which has catapulted the company to higher heights, Mr. Akorli said GOIL can boast of about 250 service stations within a span of four years.

He noted that the company will be venturing into bitumen, which is used for the construction of roads in the country.

“A lot of the bitumen we use here are imported, all the roads that we are asphalting now we have to import the bitumen and some hold monopoly over and so we think as the largest oil marketing company in Ghana we need a full hold there so we working at things.

He added that the bitumen plant is expected to go a long way to reduce the cost of road construction in the country as we as create jobs.

Mr. Akorli said some few years ago, GOIL was at the number 3 spot of oil marketing companies in the country but through pragmatic and strategic initiatives, GOIL is now blazing the trail ahead of oil the multinationals.

The 2015 CIMG marketing man of the year urged Ghanaians to support local companies so as to retain the money in the country.

He said unlike the multi nationals who send the money they make outside the country, GOIL retains its money in the country so as to develop the country.

“We believe in the Ghanaian, we believe that some aspect, especially the retail aspect of the economy must be left in the hands of Ghanaians. That’s the only way we can grow our economy and that’s the only way to retain money in our economy. If everything is being done by outsiders, they make their money and take it away, how then do we retain our economy, circulate and generate the employment that our youth needs so much,” he said.

The 2015 CIMG marketing man of the year urged companies to keep clean books so as to attract the needed investment.

He attributed the success of the company to the loyalty and dedication of staff of the company as well as the board.

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