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Gomoa-Brofoyedur Constructs 22-Seater WC Toilet Facility

By: Robert Ayanful
The chiefs and people of Gomoa Brofoyedur in the Gomoa Central District are undertaking a community project to construct a 22-seater WC toilet facility estimated to cost Gh130,000 after all appeals to the District Assembly fail.
The community decided to embark on the project after the community toilet facility which was constructed in 1965 broke down beyond repairs.
In an interview with Nana Bondzie Essuman I, Guantuahene of Gomoa Brofoyedur, he said that the communal activity towards the construction of the facility is becoming possible with the contribution of levies from community members.
He also indicated that, since the collapse of the original facility, access to a proper place of convenience becomes difficult hence community members resort to the use of nearby bushes, and dumping sites as places of convenience.
The situation has posed huge health hazards in the community, breeding cholera and other related diseases.
Nana Bondzie also pointed out that, the threats pose by this unfortunate condition impressed upon the Chief of Gomoa Brofoyedur, Nana Esuon Bonyi Kwatta II together with elders to put up a temporal structure as a place of convenience for the women which also became unusable.
“Through the initiative of Nana Esuon Bonyi Kwatta II, and the people of the community, we are outing a new toilet facility up to serve as a place of convenience. Because I can tell you for a fact that, the largest percentage of patients being admitted at the Winneba hospital are from Brofoyedur and this tells the extent of health implications our people are faced with in the absence of a toilet facility,” he said.
He therefore believed that the project could be completed in no time should there be assistance from other sources such as the District Assembly, government and other benevolent organisations.
Nana Bondzie appealed to government and others to lend a helping hand so as to complete the project in time and prevent further escalation of diseases such as cholera and its related illnesses.

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