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Mahama Supervises Sickening Greed In NDC

Prosper Agbenyega

…Rawlings Booms Again On June 4

Former President Jerry Rawlings has castigated the Mahama-led NDC government for supervising a government of ‘sickening’ greed which according to him led to the party’s defeat and that the greed that had engulfed the party today is a thousand times more than what the army Generals were executed for on June 4.

He was speaking at the 38th anniversary of June 4 uprising.
He however dismissed the view by the NDC 2016 presidential candidate, John Mahama that the party lost because of a ‘lame horse.’
But to the former President Rawlings, the ” disgraceful failure” of 2016 was because the leadership of the party lost the values of June 4.

The founder turned critic reiterated his well-known position that the strength of the NDC is found in the values of probity and accountability which inspired him to topple a military regime on June 4, 1979.

He said, the corruption of the Generals he executed pales considerably when compared to the corruption that engulfed the NDC government with official endorsement.

“Believe it or not the greed of today is a thousand times more than what these Generals were executed for,” he boomed.

He said under the past NDC government, some officials amassed wealth and “used money as a political weapon to become kingmakers.”

“If I was doing this, would any of them be where they are today?” he said in a speech that required an occasional pause to catch his breath.

He however demanded a change in the leadership of the party, saying that, ‘without new leaders, the NDC can never come back to power.’

Rawlings repeated his complaint that the party ‘squandered opportunities’ to rid itself of corrupt elements.
JJ Rawlings revealed he contemplated leaving the party he founded and which has dominated the 4th Republic with 16 years in power.

“…the only thing that has prevented stopped me from doing so is the plight of the many good people”


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