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Otinto Is Not A Chief – Court Reaffirms

Court Reaffirms Paul Dery Ruling; Says Nii Adote obour Is Still Sempe Mantse
A Pre-trial ruling at the General Jurisdiction Court 4 in Accra presided over by Her Ladyship Patience Mills Tetteh has reaffirmed an earlier ruling by Justice Paul Dery reaffirming the position of Nii Adote Obuor II as the legitimate Sempe Mantse.
Her Ladyship Patience Mills Tetteh was sitting on a pending Defamation case brought against The Adnasie Newspaper and its editors by Nii Moi Allotei Brown a.k.a Otinto over a publication the paper carried under the headline ‘Contract Killing In Ghana.’
However the case which was first heard by Justice Paul Dery was ruled in favour of the Newspaper where it was upheld that Nii moi Allotei Brown who sued in his capacity as the Chief of Sempe was not the legitimate chief and must not hold himself as such.
Nii moi Allotei Brown then filed another writ in his capacity as a businessman.
The case which was to start trial on the May 8, 2017, has attracted serious media attention due to the numerous evidence in the form of videos, pictures and audio being provided by the defendant, Adansei Newspaper to defend the article they published in connection with various acts of attacks, shooting and murders that have occurred in the greater Accra region.
Justice Patience Mills Tetteh noted that in reaffirming the judgment of her learned Judge Justice Paul Dery in 2014, that completely disqualified Nii Moi Allotei Brown aka Otinto as Sempe chief for lack of capacity, and to declare Nii Adote Obour II as the only recognized Sempe chief.
Justice Patience Mills Tetteh noted that the judgment still stands and binding on anyone till date and could be contemptuous if flouted by anyone.
In her ruling, Justice Patience Mills Tetteh indicated that, “…The ruling of this Court on the capacity of plaintiff is sustained. The plaintiff is suing in the capacity of a business man and not as a chief. The pre-trial conference is concluded.”
Meanwhile Nii Moi Allotei Brown although had a judgement against his capacity continues to hold himself in that capacity whilst information gathered indicate that Nii Adote obour II, is also still wearing his chief capacity wrist bangles made of white beads called “Afili” an indication that he is still the legitimate chief of Sempe.
Meanwhile there have been several attacks on the life of the Managing Editor of Adansie Newspaper, Henry Addo.
His car was set ablaze by unknown men on December 29th 2016 after a video clip of the newly organized but illegitimate enstoolment of Otinto was taken.
However, Henry Addo’s claims in his statement of defense of the burning of his car were rejected by the judge.
Meanwhile the trial hearing is to start from the May 8, 2017 at the General Jurisdiction Court 4 at 9am prompt.

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