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Re: ‘Gbese Mantse calls for peaceful Homowo’

The Times published an article by Lawrence Markwei on Friday, May 12, 2017 entitled “Gbese Mantse calls for peaceful Homowo.”
It was noted that Thomas Okai, parading himself as Nii Ayi Bonte is the one calling for peace.
Was it not Thomas Okai who caused so much violence on the 27th April 2007 and amidst the violence was enstooled as another Gbese Mantse by the name of Nii Ayi Bonte when, in fact, Nii Okaidja III was already in office as Gbese Mantse and still in office as such?
Was it not him, after his illegal enstoolment that he caused much more havoc at Gbese on the 4th May 2007? (Records are available). Is it not Thomas Okai parading himself as Nii Ayi Bonte, whose gang of supporters (most of them on police wanted list) has been running wild and afflicting injuries on others, including Hon. Ursula Owusu-Ekufo, now Minister of Communications?
 Is it not the same Thomas Okai gang who, on the same day that his article was published (Friday, May 6, 2017), inflicted cutlass wounds on Asafoatse Ayi and others; all of them ending at the Usher Clinic?
Was it not Thomas Okai parading himself as Nii Ayi Bonte who stated the day before the last General Election that he would step down if President Mahama loses the election? His statement was a clear confirmation that Thomas Okai has been supported all along by the ruling political party of the time.
In your article Thomas Okai claimed that:- (1) He was enstooled from “the 3rd Ruling House of Naa Akua Onidin We….” Clearly Thomas Okai is blatantly disregarding the early Ruling of Ofosu-Quartey, J, that the name “ NAA AKUA ONIDIN” is a name which in the view of this Court is not a name known in the 1941 Agreement of the Gbese Ruling Houses and therefore not recognised.” It is not surprising that he (Thomas Okai) is still referring to a name which is not known in the 1941 Agreement; because when a Restraining Order was placed on him (Thomas Okai) not to hold himself as Gbese Mantse, he blatantly ignored same as he has continued to do to date.
(2) Thomas Okai claimed in your article that the National House of Chiefs deleted his name “temporary” on the strength of the Supreme Court Judgment dated 14th January 2014; and that Judge Boom (of the lower High Court) “rectified” it by ordering his name back onto the Register. Who on earth would believe that a High Court Judge could “rectifying” the decision of the Supreme Court? No wonder! The fact is that Thomas Okai’s name was put back only because the National House of Chiefs, in deleting his name, “did not notify him” beforehand; and that was against natural justice. All the National House of Chiefs has to do is simply to notify him first and then remove his name. So why has this simple exercise NOT taken place?
(3) Thomas Okai claimed that he succeeded Nii Okai Pesemaku III (who died in 1978; and was succeeded by Nii Ayite Agbofu II who died in 2002).The fact is that the Dodowa Judgment dated 17thFebruary 2003 upon which Thomas Okai became the Gbese Mantse, declared Nii Ayitey Agbofu’s reign to be null and void. But the Supreme Court Judgment dated 16th January 2014 also declared the same Dodowa Judgment dated 17thFebruary 2003 NULL & VOID and of no use. Therefore by simple arithmetical calculation it is clear that:- (i) Nii Pesemaku III was succeeded by Nii Ayitey Agbofu II (NOT BY NII AYI BONTE as he claimed) and (ii) Nii Agbofu II was succeeded by Nii Okaidja III, the present Gbese Mantse.
In any case, for someone like Thomas Okai who “no court of competent jurisdiction in Ghana has declared Gbese Mantse under the name of Nii Ayi Bonte” (courtesy of Hon. Ayikoi Otoo); and who used a Mandamus Order (obtained through fraud; same of which has also been cancelled by the Apex Court), should the National House of Chiefs continue to maintain his name in the National Register at all?
The law will work in this era of governance.
From the Office of the Gbese Mantse, Nii Okaidja III.
Copies to:- National Media Commission; Minister for Communication; Chairman, REGSEC.

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