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Read Camp Appeals For Support Towards 2017 Edition

Read Camp project, an initiative launched by Mother of all Nations Foundation, a non-governmental organisation to build the capacities of students in the lower, upper and Senior High Schools across the various communities in and around Madina is expected to attract over 500 students this year.

The initiative which has been commended by many educationists will draw huge number of students from various schools who are beneficiaries of this year’s read camp project.

Participants are expected to build their skills as volunteers who will take them through the various stages of reading will be imparting in the students the habit of reading and writing in the younger pupils as well.

The event which will cover a two-week period from August 1 to 17, 2017 will see every participant being provided with working stationery in addition to a free meals each day.

Speaking to the Director of the Mother of all Nations Foundation, Mr. Zico Abubakar Ishaq Newton, the move is mapped towards building students’ capabilities in their education in a more scientific manner.
According to him, vacation classes have become a challenge to mist parents especially, those who cannot afford to pay hence the Read Camp initiative is put in place to serve as solution to such demands.
According to Zico Abubakar Ishaq Newton, the organization has carried out similar initiatives in the past few years, and he is proud to say that participants or beneficiary students have achieved great knowledge.
He also revealed that organisers of the event will be doing frequent follow -ups to the various schools that will participate in order to assess their performance in school and see how influential the reach camp project is on their studies.
“We’re going to read African stories, re-write them in our own way to complement what the Ghanaian educational system provides” he stressed.
He indicated that, the best way to learn is through reading and that the camp provides opportunity for one to be creative, understand reading and writing techniques right from the lower level.
“The initiative engages young people’s mind to learn beyond classroom all the time,” he said.
He is however is however appealing to government, departments and agencies as well as benevolent organizations and individual philanthropists to come on board and support the project in kind or cash to help Ghanaian children tap the enormous benefits embedded in reading to the betterment of their future.
He believes that the little support from others will help in shaping the intellects of our people towards building a literate society.

By Prosper Agbenyega

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